Book Review – Peopleware


Closing the gap between theory and reality, or academia and the industry, is not well done without having deep roots in both domains.   Timothy Lister and Tom DeMarco have proven their mastery of both sides of the equation in their book Peopleware.  They clearly lay out how to run a technical organization at many different organizational levels, and are able to fit theory with practice while managing (somehow) to be entertaining!  No matter what level of engagement you have with your organization, if you work in IT or technology you will benefit from their wisdom.

The book tackles a lot of different subjects and is quite comprehensive.  Lister and DeMarco discuss many topics such as getting a team to gel with one another, what it means to “flow” when working, and how much time it costs when an engineer’s “flow” is interrupted.  Additionally, they talk about optimal office layout (working environment) as well as intangible benefits of certain team dynamics.

As an engineer and entrepreneur, it is very refreshing to read the (not so) common sense that is written on every page of this book!  Even if you have worked every position from entry level engineer to CEO, you will still benefit from the years of experience and knowledge shared in Peopleware.